Shift & Drift Series

THE SHIFT/DRIFT SERIES: Large works on canvas and smaller works on paper (a few on aluminum). There were done en plein air, in various weather conditions (-20 to +30), using found materials (flora, snowdrifts, shells, etc).


THE RAPT SERIES: These works are veiled by wrapping stainless steel or galvanized wire around and a painting, collage, or texture.



THE ORIGAMI’D AND PALIMPSEAT SERIES: Large works of bent or shaped aluminum, and works that are palimpsests of bas-relief information. [UPLOADING SOON]


THE RECOMBINANT AND INTERMIXABLE SERIES: Works on panels that can be rearranged tectonically, sculpturally, intermixed etc. [UPLOADING SOON]


THE NON-SERIES SERIES: One-offs, like NSA keyword poem paintings, optical pieces, etc. [UPLOADING SOON]