• October 13, 2016

StaccatoRest — 1998-Ongoing. Acrylic and phototransfer collage on aluminum, nuts, bolts.

The content of this piece is musical notation from different eras and cultures — Chinese, Western, Medieval , ’60s avantgarde, pop music, and so on. The compositions, sheet music and notations are layered above and through one another — just as music moves and mutates across borders and time.

This painting istelf is composed like a song: each panel is a separate note.  The notes can be rearranged into a new melody. The work can be made rhythmic, minimalistic, beautiful, dissonant…

You can hear this painting — even if you can’t read music, some of embedded lyrics from familiar songs will sound in your head.


Stacatto RX2

Staccato RX3


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