• October 23, 2016

Sliced Works

These paintings evolved from the minimalist singular pieces (see bottom image) which incorporated DNA subtyping, geological strata, city grids, bar codes and other types of  ‘linear’ information overlayed on burnt substrates which added an organic and chance craquelure to contrast the grids (the burning technique may have arisen from seeing the ancient technique of sou-sugi-ban whilst living in Japan).

Those totemic / micro-monoliths  were expanded into multiple-panel works, with an originiating image that could be radically deconstructed as the works were rearranged, and made more complex when spliced with other paintings. (An extension of the aluminum panel recombinant works like Masaimatical, Polyvictorian, Staccatorest, etc., and their intermixed hybrids).

01010 60 x 60″ acrylic on aluminum

Re(d)one 60 x 60″ acrylic on aluminum

0101OVA installed SOLDredonewhite


(((0))) 60 x 60″ acrylic on aluminum

((o)) rising (lnear series) SOLD

Chord 01010 60 x 60″ acrylic on paper

re Chord

96 x 84″ acrylic on burnt wood panels

mixed media on burnt wood, various sizes



Sou-sugi-ban (yakisugi ban) technique of using burnt wood as aesthetic design.

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