• November 8, 2017

Painting,  sculpture and installations across four rooms, including:
– a decentralized painting (single work to exist across 30 locations as its sections are distributed globally)
–  genetically modified paintings (sliced artworks spliced into new paintings)
– a recombinant sculpture/installation, arranged as a massive wall work
– a long linear painting, a neuron, a network, a trail in space connecting all the rooms
Text walk through; some images and a video tour below:

1) paintings done en plein air, using found weather, wind, flora. These ones done on snowdrifts
2) long line drawing/painting on metal traversing walls, across rooms and ceiling (and up stairwell, up floors, outside building), connecting all the works/space as a network neurons,  or trail to follow.
3) IOTA, a decentralized painting; a single work to exist across 30 locations as its parts get distributed globally, each piece linked to all others via horizontal, vertical, diagonal and sectional elements.  Each piece a standalone  work(see framed example) but connected something much bigger. (Metaphor alert!)
4) genetically modified paintings; various works on paper; some use found elements (esp. terroir data) to lock sections in time/space, which are then spliced together as metadatalandscapes
5) white work is hand burnt paper.
6) framed work is example from Hallway (see below).
7) work laying flat on plinth is massive wall painting sculpture mockup
8) silver sculpture is another example of works crossing from organic into artificial 
9) vitrine sculpture is 3D version of spliced paintings, eventually to be scaled up 10′ x 5’ x 5′
10) series of 5 works spliced across themselves 
11) silver sculpture, shifting from analog to digital (our times)
12) CRISPR paintings, genes from different times, places, organic elements all spliced together; the white painting is an inception artwork made from 80 separate paintings, which are seen only ‘inside’ the painting. the last work is made using found wind from across canada. the works are to function like mandalas, more detail revealed the more you concentrate on them
13) HALLWAY of 30+ singular paintings, some in series. often i make this many paintings to chop and splice into a single work. (these are notchops tho).
14) longest painting in the world (eventually), a line in space that connects all the rooms as a neural network or guide path.
15) blue stack: a vertical version of a much larger modular painting as installation on cement bricks arrayed multiple ways in space (sundial, mound, path, etc).
16) another genetically modified painting. ink on paper laid outside different days & places, letting elements (rain, wind) add to the work, then all the days compressed together
17) a colorful line-drawing-in-space sculpture; ultimately to be scaled up to size of a haystack 
18) another spliced work capturing different ecologies (alpine, lake, using found wind, flora etc. used to chrono and geotag the sections / work to specific origin points in time/space), time compressed together. 
19) first stage of giant wall size sliced work. going up 10′; other versions to go horizontal and run through space; the previous painting (19) gonet massive
20) 40′ painting sliced and arranged sculpturally in ‘vitrines’. it’s to be decentralized, like the floor painting, but across 1000 different locations globally. on mylar, so light passes through into layers. this is about 1/3 of the work.
21) a dangerous hybrid painting/sculpture, also to be scaled up much bigger in size.
22) CRISPR SCULPTR, the wall work is an iteration of a huge and ongoing recombinant (rearrangeable) floor installation done Banff Centre, with infinite arrangements (landscape, vortex, distributed nodes.) first time done this way
23) cylindrical painting,  to scale up 6x the current radius.

Survey of images below. Expository text & video walk through at bottom.