• October 24, 2016


This series’ DNA is the ash-drifted earthworks spliced with the linear collage aesthetic. The paintings were done en plein air, in various weather conditions from -20 to +30º, using local found wind and flora. They’ve been done in Canada, the US, and Mexico so far, and in various climates. The intent is to complete more in various locations across the world, and to show them collectively (edge to edge) as one massive megacollege, a world wide web of work. The series will accrete meaning as more locations/nations are added — and as some countries disappear, or even some climatologies change. As works are purchased and dispersed, I like the idea of some future exhibition necessitating transnational negotiations for showings of the entirety of the series… a United Nations of Paintings.

These works approach nature or landscape through a digital lens, a glitching or disruption of the natural. They also use music produciton techniques such as sampling (found materials),  timestretching (artificial extension of form), looping (repetition), delay (diminishing repetition of form) and glitching (disruption/destruction to creative effect.)

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tightSteppa (shift / drift series)



72 x 52″. Acryllic on canvas. Installed at collector’s.

48 x 36". Acrylic on wrapped metal wire on wood.


floSTEPPA 48 x 36 acylic & wire on wood

48 x 36″. Acrylic on wrapped metal wire on wood. Installed at collector’s.

upSteppa by K.I.A. SOLD



36 x 24″. Acrylic on aluminum. Installed at collector’s.

36 x 24". Acrylic on aluminum.

36 x 24″ Acrylic on aluminum.


paperSteppa 22 x 30"

paperSteppa 22 x 30″


72 x 52″. Acryllic on canvas.

each 72 x 52" (72 x 108" together). Acryllic on canvas.

72 x 52″ by two. (72 x 108″ together). Acryllic on canvas.

54 x 42". Acrylic on canvas.

54 x 42″. Acrylic on canvas.

40 x 36". Acrylic on canvas

36 x 24″ acrylic on canvas


leaves of silver

36 x 24″ metallic leaf, acrylic on wood



36 x 24". Acrylic on canvas.

36 x 24″. Acrylic on canvas.


qSteppa 11 x 14

22 x 30″ acyrlic on paper


xSteppa 11 x 14

pSteppaB2747 pSteppa 11 x 14 ySteppa 11 x 14 hSteppa 11 x 14

all above, 11 x 14″ acrylic on paper