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Pretty Rainbow

  • October 20, 2016

Pretty Rainbow Over Farm – 96″ x 60″ (8″ down to 6″ relief on the 4 curves), oilstick on shaped aluminum.

A glorious double-rainbow captured over a beautiful country farm, as information.

The photo was translated via email (by a helpful textile company located in the eastern-bloc) into extensive Jacquard card code. Jacquard cards were punch cards used in mechanical looms from the 1800s. The automation of looming machinery through the use of punch cards eventually led to the invention of computers.

Once I received the Jacquard cards, I hand applied the digital infomration — thousands of square — by drawing, scratching and sanding them in many layers on the curved aluminum. (Technically, if you ran the abstract painting through a computer, the output would be the original landscape.)

So Pretty Rainbow is part of a series using encoded information to explore the idea that there are other layers of reality behind what we physically experience (and that perhaps our reality is itself only the code for another level).

Pretty Rainbow Over Nice Farm



Pretty Rainbow by K.I.A.

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