Poem By Object

  • October 19, 2016

End D, Eff

A  segueing installation made of discreet units. Objects as voxels. It is scalable — it works with 3 units or 3000 (see images below).

Lit from a couple of angles, the objects create multiple distinct shadowlines, as if pointing to varied pathways of interpretation. The installation can read as a movement from fear through joy to enlightenment, a shift from healing to pain to loss, or as protection, by science, by might, by prayer…

There is also a movement from natural to the synthetic — the progression is feather, feather with a needle, needle; an organic object, one half organic half man-made, one manufactured.

One-angle shadow

End D, Eff
Detail view

End E, Eff
Multiple angle shadows, left to right reading



As 3 photos

For a museum wall

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