• October 18, 2016

Linear Abstracts

I assigned a palette of colors to words and/or phrases found in chosen sections of text from taken from the I Ching, Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Torah and Bardo Thodol. Poetic or spiritually resonant sections got iridescents, opalescents, or vivid colours; more prosaic words or sections got neutral tones, down on through darker tones & matte finishes, and voids. Each section from a different text was on it’s own clear ‘page; I then layered the different pages on top of one another in varying orders until a certain beauty resolved — so though the origin of these works (ten in the series) was process-based, the final compositions were arrived at intuitively. (See also the overlap with the Rapt works as well as the CRISPR works.)

Linear Mandal 11, detail SOLD

The painted lines (see detail image) even look like cursive writing — they are not hard-edged but organic, with ascender and descender curves and variances like sentences. (The also are like lines on a shell, or architected nature, like the rakings of stones in a zen garden. Or liked stacked horizons with clouds. But also like a zamboni’d mandala — a complex meditative drawing, but straightened out.) I’d like the effect to be like looking at a text in a foreign language or code, one that you know conveys some important information (not just a shopping list) if you could only read it…


Because these paintings are on aluminum, and consist of many layers of varying transparency, the works change considerably in appearance in different light, throughout the day, and according to the viewer’s angle. In this sense it seems they reflect the original texts themselves, which can, and have been, interpreted many ways over generations (according to the light of the time.)


Linear V


lin sil SOLD

Blank by K.I.A.



Linear Mandal 11

Lin Man 6

Lin Man 8

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