• November 8, 2017

Recent works

Peeks at various new paintings, series and one-offs. (Contact for more).

Cross pollinations of various contemporaneous series.

Micro resequencing and genetic modification of paintings. Handweaving digitalism. Archaeology, geology, architecture sampling and accretion.

Gold leaf glitched wabi-sabi (beauty in imperfection); metal leafed palimpsest (layered words); gold leafed, fluted shift/drift work; shou-sugi ban (burnt wood) linear glitch; burnt chromed wood; multi-perspective fresnel lensed piece…

Currently solving how to do a new series of visual complex, superlayered big textural paintings…

See also Developing for coming installations and sculptures, and the Blog for new works and news.




painting S3332

40 x 26″, gold leaf, acrylic on aluminum

36 x 24″ metal leaf, acrylic on wood

cloudSteppa 40 x 26″ gold leaf, acrylic on aluminum

Read After Burn 24 x 30"

Read After Burning Too 28 x 22″ acrylic on burnt wood

40 x 26″ lenses, metal, mirror tape, acrylic, on aluminum