Intermixed Works

  • October 17, 2016

installation view

These are genetically modified individual works that have spliced into each other to create new forms and content. Megacollage metapainting mashups. These works on aluminum were made starting in 1996.

Each individual work is a separately conceived idea (i.e. a Masai shield composed of mathematical formulae.) Each work has an originating image, and is done on panels that are recombinant — individual rows, columns, sections and so on can be moved, shifted, flipped, rotated (etc) to deconstruct the painting… and the more panels there are, the more the possible recombinations.

When the paintings are intermixed, all sorts of completely unforseen  arrangements can arise both from the increase in number of panels, but also the collision of different subject matter enables are sorts of new connotatons and meanings to accrete. The painting becomes an installation, a megacollage that grows in size, content, meaning and implication. Mathematical noation bumps up agains musical notation. Writings on nature are enmeshed with writings about proper behaviour. Curvilinear rock drawings become an oversized tessera in a mask mosaic…

6 paintings intermixed


Masaimatical spliced in Staccatorest
2 paintings intermixed: Masaimatical spliced into Staccatorest

4 K.I.A. paintings spliced together
3 paintings intermixed

installation view
6 paintings intermixed

Masaimatical 144 x 96". Acrylic on aluminum. 108 x 72". Acrylic on recombinant panels. Leaves of Steel Drop, kited

The 6 paintings in their original forms

2 watercolors combined

Tectonic arrangement of 2 interleaved paintings
2 interleaved paintings in a tectonic arrangement 

Red White spliced
2 paintings stacked vertically and intermixed, 12 x 6′

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