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Fusion Engines

  • October 18, 2016

The below series of jet engine masks emerged while I was researching content for the sculpture “Acceleration / Still…”  For that project I’d sourced hundreds of aviation blueprints, and as I was sorting through them they became Rorschach inkblots of transcultural imagery. I experienced a cross-culture, para-era pareidolia — I kept seeing Haida, African, Japanese, Mayan and other imagery from totem poles, to masks, Kabuki, carvings, and cave paintings…

I’ve long believed in transmigration of the soul, and that each of us has lived many lives across many eras and cultures, of differing gender, race, size, class, religion, and so on. (We might even choose our own circumstances before being born.) Identity is expansive, and fluid — within and across lifetimes. These works are a type of collage, conflating and compressing material from different times and places — just like our souls.

So: structured information (i.e. 2D blueprint) — in other words the soul —  as the starting point or framework for 3D expression (i.e. a body for a lifetime), which can take differing forms…


84" x 60". Oilstick on aluminum.
Turboaragato, or The Supersonic Warrior Method 84 x 60″, oilstick on aluminum

injunjetenjun 60 x 40″, C-print on metallic photo paper

My Anjat Anjan
My Anjat Anjan, 60 x 40″, C-print facemounted on clear acrylic, backmounted on dibond

freak as obstruct machismo
Freak As Obstruct Machismo — colored pencil on paper

graphite on paper

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