• October 20, 2016

Drawalkings, Artwalks

I’ve always been fascinated by symbols and glyphs, images that are information, from hieroglyphs to Chinese ideograms, from Islamic calligraphy to contemporary graffiti. Especially when done on a large scale. Crop circles fit into this category, as do ancient earthworks like the Serpent Mound, Stonehenge, the Nazca lines and so on.  They are languages that convey the ineffable.

snow glyph
Snow Glipht

I’m also very curious about mysteries like the sailing stones, where rocks magically create very long calligraphic trails across dry lakebeds. God’s writing?

snohenge by K.I.A.

Anonymous art has also always intrigued me, especially when left in the public realm for chance discovery. (As well as the works below, I’ve done lots of guerilla stuff like remixing street advertising posters in situ, leaving behind large paintings in subway thoroughfares, holding exhibitions in phonebooths, etc). Part of the exercise is, after enormous effort, can you detach — walk away from the work, without remuneration, acknowledgement, or even hope of permanence. (Documentation seemed  like cheating for a long time, but I eventually succumbed to doing it).

And finally, sometimes, you just want to use your feet to draw.

All these things came together for these projects (which are ongoing, occasionally documented, but always walked away from.)

Spiral Snow Jetty

See this great drawing done by Sailing Stones
My favorite crop circles are these fractal ones.

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