• October 22, 2016

Ideas for paintings, sculptures, installations, exhibitions & public works being developed & researched.
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Inquiries for passwords for links to below: info[at]nu4ya[com]

Picasso to Diplo
digital analog gallery front diagonal 2

Miraging Sculpture
mirage sculpture 4






stack shift




Everyone a Fontana (20,000′ painting)
everyone a fontana

Genetically Modified Objects
resequenced & timestretched cowboy hat

Infinitely Unfinished Exhibition
variable sized, 120" x 120"

Distributed Grasp
distributed crowdsourced installation

Digital Ash
75 x 15' ash on snow

Shift Intervention
salon shift

Neon Frost

Nomadic Recombinants

Kabuki Jet Engine:  Mark II

Inception Exhibition

Etc etc etc