• November 23, 2017

This work consists of large paintings distributed (into a sculpture (that is a recombinant installation (that is a function))).

CRISPR SCULPTUR uses its mutable form, made from hundreds of discrete components, to contain or explore a multitude of ideas from migration to memes to genetic modification to music. Two examples are:

1) a centralized massing of component parts, emplaced at an origin point but moved incrementally daily, so that over time the work migrates across the institution through or around other exhibits/art/architecture, so the sculpture’s positioning becomes a negotiation (treaty), and is a concrete expression to the public (and artists, and staff) of the creation or transgression of ideological, geographical,  or cultural borders or territories.   

2) a decentralized/distributed iteration, with nodes of the work spread widely across the institution (multiple rooms or floors; interstitial spaces like ledges, alcoves, etc),  motivating a journey or pilgrimage through the space to see the entire work. The initial paintings that comprise the work get distributed into a sculptural form, which gets further distributed as an unbounded installation. 

Read the many ideas-behind on the blog HERE 

The arrangements are scalable; some below are as long as 30′, as high as 15′, etc.


IMG_6615IMG_6447 IMG_6466


IMG_6558 IMG_6562 IMG_6465BEST IMG_6572    IMG_6415 IMG_3434bestBarricade