synchronicity, splicing, stacked time

  • September 10, 2020

Genetically modified time; this ongoing series of paintings are a visual metaphor for lifetimes over eons, and situations, talents,  and people spliced across them all as revealed by synchronicities (more below). The single soul as an infinite collage of lessons and experience over eons. (Also: Branes in string theory, a soul as a membrane crossing spacetime.)  –  K.I.A., 36 x 30″, acrylic on paper on wood panel.  (72″ versions in development).



Synchronicities are the rhythm across a song spanning many lives.

For the last little while, I’ve been experiencing an extraordinary amount of synchronicities. No singular one earth-shaking, or even significant, but so  many that I started to record them. They seem to hint at a pattern to life, or perhaps that we are living in a simulation or even scripted reality. Or that we have multiple lives (across time? across dimensions?), and synchronicities are little overlaps in the life-stacks…

Perhaps before incarnating in one lifetime, you write a song of your desired life. You are born, and live your life with free will (or the appearance of it, which is the same thing). If the song you’re singing is out of synch with that song you wrote, you’ll notice: it will be offbeat, or phasing, or dissonant. But when they match perfectly (confirmed when having multiple and re-occuring coincidences), you know you are on beat, or in synch with the symphony.

Here’s a few of the synchronicities I’ve recorded:

-Working on a proposal for a large outdoor installation involving a field of stones. I get distracted, watch a video of a NY installation artist, who was project was funded by Auchincloss foundation. The name sounds vaguely like European royalty, so I google it. It means “field of stones” in Scottish Gaelic.

-I’m watching a netflix show, and it’s done by Direct TV. I’d never heard of that channel/ company, but it stuck in my mind.  A day later, I’m listening to a podcast about Howard Hughes (and his extensive businessess) and they mention that one the companies he’d started was Direct TV, under the umbrella of Hughes Electronics.

-I do a post on a new work (“Thrum”) which stems in part from my interest in the ineffable, a dream of a rainstorm of words (each drop’s content you’d feel as it hit you), calligraphy that was beautiful and moving but not literally understood (as it was in Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese), and cave drawings as language. For reference I looked up the location of some ancient Australian rock drawings which have always fascninated me (the Gwne Gwion ones) and found that they are in The Kimberly, a part of northwest Australia. The next day, while editing some photos, I randomly watch a film called The Extraction, where a kid in Mumbai gets abducted. 10 minutes in to the movie, there’s a long shot of a river being fed by a huge waterfall, and a title card on screen announces the location: The Kimberly.

Working on “Thrum”:


I’ll add more here later… like one where all in the same day the Tavistock Institute is mentioned in a podcast, then on a TV show, and then as the publisher on a book I pick up  in a small-town second hand store…

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