Word Works

  • May 15, 2020

Word works, inspired by a dream where it was raining words, and as each word fell on your body, you felt it. The storm started out as a poem, then became a novel, then a library of books, a hurricane of stories and words.

These are the first in this series. Each is seen as a page in a book, (smaller in size 9 x 12″), and will be numbered as such, ultimately to be exhibited in a linear sequence. The words are meant to be ineffable, speaking in tongues, language of the angels, whispers, on the edge of meaning.

(other inspirations: Voynich manuscript. Cocteau Twins and Sigur Ros lyrics. The coding behind reality. Jabberwocky, Tower of Babble. Google translate. Arabic and Japanese calligraphy. Messages in bottles. Graffiti. Palimpsests. Crop circles. AI poems…)

Oilstick on archival paper, 9 x 12. (Inquire for pricing.)