Crystalline Machine Hurricane Rain

  • February 16, 2020

This work came from a dream where it was raining words. As each drop hit your skin you felt its meaning. A storm was Shakespearean, a shower haikus. A hurricane the library of Alexandria, lived in a deluge.

All the works in the series — hybrids of painting, drawing, collage, installation and sculpture — have very complex bas-relief forms (architectonic, crystalline, and organic) with linear and smeared color on reflective surfaces  that optically shift with the changing light of day (or season, or room), and flatten and expand in depth due to the angle of viewing.  Each painting or on-the-wall installation has a specific topic (language, memory, mathematics, maps…), all resonate with ‘mono no aware’ (beautiful impermanence.)

The bas-relief on this painting references weather systems and language, worlds formed from words.

The wordrain theme is also being done on a new large (108″+ work on  canvas), and in the spliced series, inquire to see.

“Sonnetshowerskin” -K.I.A., 2019. 56 x 28″, oilstick on industrial aluminum tape on aluminum.

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Detail (click to enlarge):


and see the work at the beginning of this video:


A few other works in the series:

No There There 84 x 60″ (SOLD):


58 x 36″ (SOLD):

58 x 36" Acrylic & oilstick on canvas & aluminum tape on aluminum.


00Boogie Woogie (42 x 26″):

42 x 26". Oilstick on aluminum tape on aluminum.

Example of large site and content specific  installation, a “wall sculpture” scalable to any space (this one (144 x 84″):


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