In A Myriad of Ages It Will Not Be Exhausted

  • August 6, 2019

If from a stick a foot long you every day take the half of it, in a myriad of ages it will not be exhausted. -Mohist School of Names (China, 479 BCE)

The work is continuously destroyed
This painting is cut in half every ten years. Each division makes it a new artwork, and starts the clock on its next destruction. The original state becomes unknown,  as the smaller and smaller pieces are placed in new positions.  All future states are also unknown, existing as probabilities, potentials, or impossibilities.

Now or never
Each painting can only be seen in each physical ‘now’ of the viewer,  a unique experience in time’s arrow — ink in a cup of water cannot be unstirred.

As it is halved it expands
Each individual piece created from the divisions will be separately framed for exhibition. The height and width of the entire work will paradoxically increase in size over time. The painting divided into hand-size sections will fill a wall, thumbnail-sized parts multiple walls, confetti-sized components an entire room, pinhead-sized pieces a wing in a museum…

In a myriad of ages it will not be exhausted
The painting, always halved, becomes infinite: a Zeno paradox.