Installation as Tsunami (CRISPR SCULPTR v.XI)

  • April 21, 2019

Artwork as tsunami, ice age, desert dunes, mud slide, rising sea level. Art as anthropocene. Sculptures submerged by an encroaching installation (an iteration of CRISPR SCULPTR installation done Banff Centre).  The installation moves, over weeks, through a group exhibition or institutional collection, around and through other works, inexorable. This iteration only exists in relation to other works. It frames, enhances, barricades other work.

Artwork as migration. Seen in terms of migration, the work creates treaties, negotiations, agreement, communication,  compromises, solutions re: borders, territory, ideology, identity, perception, politics with the other artworks/artists, and the institution. Would an artist agree to have the context of their work changed? Their work temporarily inhabited? Invaded? Occupied? Would the institution allow the work to block areas, or channel people certain directions?



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