IOTA, Art collector, K.I.A.

  • March 6, 2019

IOTA is a distributed painting. It is a single large artwork to exist in many different locations in 30 parts. It is a decentralized painting. Each individual work (24 x 18″) exists as a standalone piece, but is connected to all others via horizontal, vertical, non-linear and color elements. Each piece however, is uniquely folded (its creases like a fingerprint), utterly unique within the collective.

When a single section is on the wall, one knows it is connected  something much bigger than one sees, connected globally to others across countries, cultures, class, religions, time. (Metaphor!)

The single work (120″ x 108″) is to begin showing as a gestalt piece, with voids showing as the painting disperses, its parts emigrating to owners. Ultimately, after the work is ‘gone’, it is to be shown again and again (say every ten years into the future), with the individual pieces traveling back from all over the world. Each time it is shown, the painting will have acquired new stories, more connections. The work is nomadic, a diaspora, a murmuration, a concrete example of both the technological ideas that underpin blockchain and distributed networks but also spiritual ideas like panpsychism, and material ideas like value, commerce, collecting, treasure hunt and real estate ((More about HERE).

Corporations are considering an entire row for global offices; sisters two adjacent pieces; three generations of a family three from a column…

Here’s a couple recent placement into different art collections, section #6 (row 1 column 6) and #12 (row 2 column 6) of the painting:




Here’s the full work:


Contact if interested in becoming part of the project: