• February 14, 2018

I’ve always been interested in ephemeral architecture and art — nomadic dwellings (yurts, tipis, igloos, boats, RVs  (ok, not those) — as well as temporary art. My work crosses over between 2 and 3D (flat paintings recombinant volumetrically), often with nods to blueprints, maps, palimpsests, geoglyphs, crop circles,  maps, mandalas, codes and so on,  as hints of our  multidimensional (2D,3D,4D, 5D…) and  paralinear  experience.

Marcel Duchamp says this about permanence in art: “There is a life in a work of art that is very short—even shorter than a man’s lifetime. I call it twenty years. So I applied this rule to all artworks, and after twenty years they are finished. Their life is over. They survive all right, because they are part of art history, but art history is not art. I don’t believe in preserving.”

So this work is a 12′ high ephemeral architectonic palimpsest, a crystalline tornado poem, an optically shifting spaceship skyscraper, a bas-relief diagonal tower of babel. Future iterations will be even bigger — 20′ high, art as monumental architecture. (And art as physical & mental challenge — ephemeral does not equal effortless. Art as architecture? Art as intense sport, as Sisyphean marathon.)

As it is done directly on the wall, it can only be experienced in one location. And as all walls eventually come down, it’s lo-fi high beauty that can only be experienced for a moment of time, and by very few…




PS The above wall work originated from this series:

Here Her There He

“No Hear, Hear / No There, There” 84 x 60″, oilstick on aluminum tape on aluminum

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