International Art Residency

  • August 6, 2017




UPDATED: IMAGES ADDED I’m doing an artist residency at the Banff Centre fall 2017. (Artists, curators, critics, writers etc. from all around the world attend the Center to develop their work).

I’m going to be doing the first stage of an infinite sculpture that is also a painting. That is also an installation. That is also an organism, a time crystal, a node, a mob, music, and a virus. A sculpture that is a function.

This first stage will be ambitiously big, but it will grow even larger in scale as subsequent parts are made over time in other international settings or residencies. It will also morph in shape, and accrete in meaning as more location-specific sculptural DNA gets spliced into it, and the creation venues and exhibition context changes…

It’s also all supposed to be packable into a suitcase (or a few, anyway), as it’s intended to be a nomadic work.

PS:  I’ll also doing larger versions of a new series of super complex resequenced paintings

UPDATE: See the CRISPR SCULPTR update to see various iterations & more ideas-behind.

The same idea, but in a fixed state, as static paintings, also done in Banff (and continuing) . Acrylic and ink on paper on wood:









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