No Hear Hear, No There There

  • October 11, 2016

This work fuses the silver palimpsest series with some of my text series, as well as my linear mandala/DNA spectrogram/sliced collage approach. It’s also transtemporal — there is a complex bas-relief texture of a Victorian petit point motto that reveals beneath the 21st century material. (The reflective quality of which allows the colors in the room, or the viewer, to resolve/dissolve into the piece. It also creates a shifting or unstable optical appearance as one moves around the work, with the different textures or sections luminescing at different angles or time of day.)

The text reads “No Hear Hear, No There There”, expanding on the Gertrude Stein quote about unreliable memory and perception of place, and emptiness, to include ‘here/now’ and not just ‘then/there’ (‘Hear’ aurally sounds as ‘Here’). The mirror tape is utilized for another layer of the palimpsest, forming an abstracted digitalesque map of Oakland, GS’s hometown. (Re: a map is not the territory, never is the actual place, like memory.)

No set Time. No concrete Place. And also, no set Meaning* — interpretation of the phrase shifts when using a different sense — one hears “Here” but sees “Hear”, so the text can simultaneously be understood as  “No praise, No comfort” (no encouraging claps of “hear, hear” from the crowd, no comforting pats of “there there” from Mom.)

*Final feint: the title of the work is actually “Here her, There He”

Here Her There He

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