Turbine Descending A Staircase

  • May 17, 2016

Acceleration, Still (Mark 5)

Decided to do a radical freestanding remix of the sculpture Acceleration Still. Completely spontaneous, no pre-planning and/or fabricating of interior armature, similar to how I approach my outdoor works (ya work with what ya got.) All part of my recombinant painting, sculpture, installation series, where the work is remixable, intermixable, and infinitely unfinished.

The original A/S painting (original flat arrangement of the sculpture, and which will never be seen) is 27 x 16′, 300 aluminum panels. This iteration actually references the interior content, which is a butterfly wing composed from aircraft schemata.

This remix looks (to my eye) like a turbine descending a staircase.

Just peeking up behind the sculpture is the artwork My Anjan Jet Engine (also blue/black/silver), which evolved out of Acc/Still, as did injunjetenjun, and Turboaragato (a kabuki jet engine). All were conceived as I was researching information for the large sculpture; looking at hundreds of blueprints for airplanes, I kept seeing masks in the lines — from all eras and parts of the world. It wasn’t pariedolia but a hint of metempsychosis; the schematics where functioning like a rorsharch ink blot enabling glimpses into past-life information (which I’ll blog about sometime.)

Acceleartion Still detail

Couple earlier views of A/S:

remix # 3 of this sculpture

remix # 3 of this sculpture

Acceleration Still - recombinant sculpture, original mix

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