((0)), for Fun(d): Upstepped & Intermixed

  • February 14, 2016
Tectonic arrangement of 2 interleaved paintings

Tectonic arrangement of 2 interleaved paintings

Image: “((0))”, size variable, but here 60” x 70”, acrylic on aluminum

A tectonic / bar graph rearrangement of the painting (((0))), spliced with a couple white sections from a second painting. The original version of this work was chosen for the lobby of a hedge fund, but I suggested a rising arrangement, with a dynamic upwards movement of four segments.

Shift, fluidity and transformation are constant themes in my work. This piece changes physically and perceptually: the iridescent paint light-shifts as you move (the banding appears); the silver gaps pop with the light; the various transparent and opaque, matte and gloss finishes flatten or luminesce the media, and bas-relief textures all add to the ‘static’ shifting. SECRET: so does the fluorescent element, which appears for twenty minutes or so after the lights are turned out — which I left as a surprise reveal for the new owners.)


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