Paper, Lesser?

  • August 8, 2014


Here’s an ongoing series on paper — they are a compression of larger canvas works, poems to a novel. They are continuing the linear-collagesque style, but all are done ‘en plein air’, sampling found materials by season & location; then schlepped back in the studio, where they are further shifted, drifted, glitched and remixed (see here for more deets). A number from this series have been sold outta the gate — perhaps due to their human scale (most are only 18 x 22” framed); maybe cuz of the price (middle-class affordable); hopefully due to the fact that people resonate with the 21st century digital/nature hybrid & hard/soft beauty of them.

Question: are works on paper minor? Many (most) of these works have not been posted on my main site, (tho some have), or have been published on hidden pages (which are available to view by request)… maybe because though the big idea is scalable, somehow the physically smaller works seem less important.

Anyway, it’s an ongoing series (see more here), and some thumbnail views of them are below….


xSteppa 11 x 14



ySteppa 11 x 14

pSteppa 11 x 14

hSteppa 11 x 14

qSteppa 11 x 14

paperSteppa 22 x 30"




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