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Snowfolds & Chromadrifts

  • March 3, 2014


Flowasteppa acrylic on canvas, 72” x 52” x 1.5”

The above painting (detail shot) came from two strands of work: 1) the outdoor monochromatic drift experiments, where I sifted wind-blown ash over arranged and analog-glitched found objects on snow; and 2) the ‘–Steppa’ works, high-color calligraphic and shift-chunked spraypaint pieces. (It’s also is a bit of a reaction against my own recent shiny-shiny.)

With Flowasteppa (and others in the series) I laid raw canvas down on the ground on a -15° day, and, working with the wind and falling color, ghosted and pixelated the natural detritus, capturing snowdrifts and canvas folds as the undertexture. Later, back in the studio, I added the corrupted lines & gloss zags over the initial matte bursts of sprayed color. Other works were done +30 degrees on cobblestone streets, and other ones around the world are planned.



60 x 33". Mixed media on canvas.

54 x 42". Acrylic on canvas.


40 x 36". Acrylic on canvas


installation view

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