dirty bits n gritty glitch, unshuffle n splice

  • November 6, 2013


Image: unShuffle, 20 x 26”, oilstick on canvas & aluminum tape, on aluminum, K.I.A. 2013.

This whole series has a very complex bas-relief ‘subtext-ure’, which is overlaid with a second, nearly-hidden-but-thematically-related angular pattern created with the mirror tape; third and fourth levels of reference are sanded or etched-on before or after the main spray paint and oilstick layers.

So: the painting reveals different information at different angles and in changing light. This is most apparent in “Hear Her, There He” (also the biggest in the series, 84” x 60”), where the text “No Hear, Hear / No There, There”, and a street map (of Gertrude Stein’s Oakland home,) ghost in oblique light.

All are a strain of  the gritty glitch works (“00boogiwoogi”, “naSka”) which evolved from the graffglitch pieces ( nullPunk, naughtWaltz,) and include the aluminum & canvas spliced-substrate series  (see also “naChaChaCha”). All offshoots ongoing.

PS. These all evolved from the long ago linear-strip collage series I began in Japan (my first exhibition, in fact), which in turn led to the remixable works done in Tokyo, L.A. and Toronto; included the glitched photos I did for my album covers,  and even my more painterly info-stripe pieces (the zenith of these being a corporate commission for the lobby of an oil company.) Maybe in a future post I’ll visually show the through lines from early to present works; until then have a look at the glitch graphics I did some time ago for the Shinjuku Zulu and Adieu Shinjuku Zulu CDs or  this page of a variety of past work, and see if you see the current series’ DNA …or perhaps the snake eating its own tail.

© K.I.A. Kirby Ian Andersen

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