In Everyone’s head Juliet

  • June 22, 2013


In everyone’s head Juliet looks different.

How much to reveal, how much to conceal? My recent paintings, which are enveiled in stainless-steel, barely show their images through the metal threading — and in certain lighting, the reflectivity of the steel nearly obliviates what lies beneath. “Read between the lines”, literally. Previous works too: hidden layers & encoded information. Painting as a suggestion, as poem; the viewer finishes each piece in their own head.

Post-creation, these writings were to give insight to some of the ideas embedded in each of my works… but they’ve been too x-ray. Multiple perspectives of a single piece in different minds is what interests me: your Juliet is not mine; we both still feel the love, and tragedy.  Behind the ideas of each singular work are broader thoughts linking all the art: metempsychosis, choosing experiences before incarnating, the future concurrent with the past; many dimensions of existence; etc.; all of which are off-zeitgeist — not being about celebrities, consumerism, or wealth — but which I think are important… so I’ve continued to blog.

So then on to to post-post-creation, the show & tell: FaceTwitter, InstaInterest… but: does doing that dilute, not propagate, the ideas? Does it aid in forming consensus about the works, or simply de-fresh it in a collector, curator, critic, or civilian’s eyes? (Or……….worse?…….. is it giving long, hard R & D away for free?)

Blah blah blog. As a result I’ve been writing increasingly infrequently; posting less info; hiding the bio, creating hidden pages of new artworks that only interested art peeps can see by invite or request;  deleting my bio, removing earlier work. Basically, the bride wrapped by her bachelor even: enveiling Juliet.

*The image above is only a tiny portion of a new 5’ x 7’ work, posted on a hidden page on the site. Fuller views by request only.

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