• November 12, 2012

rapt rainbow masked

40” x 36”

mixed media on canvas
C-prints of above on metallic paper available

K.I.A. 2012

Ultraviolet light allows a palimpsest to be understood: under religious text from the 10th century lies a scraped-off mathematical treatise from the 3rd century BC. Equations layered with devotions. (The Archimedes Palimpsest.) Accretion.

Infrared shows the original underdrawings of Old Master paintings, some of which are significantly different from the finished work — figures dropped, images mirrored. Evolution.

Rauchenberg created a new work by erasing a de Kooning.

An unknown amateur paints over (restores/defaces) an historically unimportant religious illustration.

(But as a result creates a worldwide sensation, “Beast Jesus”, which inspires 54 million web pages featuring derivative works — halloween costumes to video games.

My own hyperpalimpsests … works on panels which can be endlessly overwritten by new arrangements of its components.

(But also destruction and negation — of its original image and form;  as well as accretion and evolution — new works can be intermixed with the old, layering the meanings,  expanding the interpretations.)

Which brings us to the painting above (and below, in different light). Evolution, accretion, negation, recreation, transformation… or obfuscation?

It’s a painting that has been reworked, in new material, with some of the old imagery revealed beneath, and most of its textures still visible within the new media. The material is mirror-like and takes on the colors of the current light and surroundings (in contrast to it’s previous matte finish). The entire painting is then wound in transparent material, which transforms, or at an angle obscures, the surface beneath. The wound material also luminesces depending upon incoming and refelected-from-behind light.

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