• October 10, 2012

ParaCarta 46 x 36"

46” x 30” x 60,000”

oilstick, stainless steel thread on shaped aluminium
K.I.A. 2012

The image is very colorful and detailed, but veiled in steel; only hints & glimpses of it can be seen through organic gapping in the thread pattern.

More mapping. Poly-para-multi-tempo-cultural. Ancient Chinese map (the colors; orange gold red blue organic forms); Greek city (purple structures); weathered papyrus (silver shapes); sea-faring (navigation compass lines for the metal bends); Inuit coast-line recognition carvings (darker bands); Polynesian ocean wave-pattern maps (the cursive underthreading pattern, see detail here.)

The work shifts very significantly in the light due to the reflective quality of the stainless steel wire threaded across –60,000 inches of it, (seriously), and the faceted angles of the aluminum, as well as the gloss/matte layers underneath.


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