<3 >|< RX

  • January 25, 2012


“<3 >|< RX”, oilstick on aluminum, 24 ” x 36″ x 6″, 2012. Upsetting the sets…a 2D Venn diagram on 50 panels, hung 3D; iphoto’d at owner’s.

The idea of this commissioned piece was to show how complex our relationships and interwoven our personalities become with another over time — starting out as something as simple as the intersection point of two circles (the initial flat image,) but evolving into something infinitely and intimately enmeshed (the three-dimensional intermixed arrangement of that initial flat image.)

(See also in this 2D/3D/4D series: Accelration / Still  , 12′ x 6′ x 300 panels, butterfly jet remixed.)

remxiable sculpture

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