Argent Silk Armor…

  • December 6, 2011
AAA 84 x 60 x 5 ". Oilstick on shaped aluminum.

AAA 84 x 60 x 5 “. Oilstick on shaped aluminum.

“Ardent Silver Armor”
by K.I.A., 2011, 84” x 60 x 5”, oilstick on faceted aluminum.

Sometimes mentioning the background ideas open up an artwork (reading the T.S. Eliot footnotes help), sometimes it shuts it down (knowing who Damien Hirst cribbed from.)

All of my work deals with the idea of multiplicity of meanings… many of which I’m consciously working on, but also a lot that get revealed later… so I’m always hesitant to explain how the rabbit was pulled out of the hat. I’d rather learn the viewer’s ideas and feelings relating to the piece… but, in-person at least, many people are uncomfortable with expressing their perspective (even if I’ve softly softly said there is no right or wrong view) so I do footnote (billboard?) it sometimes.

Anyway, “Argent Silk Armor” is one of those works where I do not know what it is about it that opens and closes (paraphrasing ee). So at the moment simply have a look at the work (larger image HERE) or see it in person.

NOTE… even the bends in the metal have meaning.

Argent Silk Armor detail

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