• November 22, 2009


“injunjetenjun” by K.I.A. 2009, 60” x 40”, C-print on metallic photo paper.

This series evolved while researching the “Acceleration / Still…” sculpture. Looking over hundreds of aviation blueprints and schematics, I kept seeing tribal masks. (And feel it was a glimpse of a metempsychosis — the experience of my own past, or perhaps even future, lives.)

Once again, my multi-temporal/cross-cultural/machine v. handmade themes arise…

So this piece is described as a jet engine totem pole, or a Haida space shuttle. It is a blueprint of a jet engine, done in the manner of west-coast aboriginal art (Haida.) It also looks at the possibility of alternate or even multiple futures, where culture and society has developed in a different way than our timeline (think cybernetics in the Victorian age, or the Aztecs inventing space travel.)  The title is an a sound poem, referencing of course the word engine but also acknowledging the xenophobic corruption of the word Indian…

Note: the white in the image is a flash-reflection in the glass…

See My Anjat Anjan for another iteration in the series


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