K.I.A., KIA, Kirby Ian Andersen, Kirby Anderson, Kerby Anderson, Curby Andersson

  • August 8, 1888

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CRISPR sculptures, Kabuki jet engines, snow collages, decentralized paintings…


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Argent Silk Armor 84 x 60 x 18"

Painting, sculpture and installation by K.I.A. (Kirby Ian Andersen).

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Shinjuku Zulu, K.I.A music :



At iTunes: Shinjuku Zulu,  K.I.A.

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Electronic, pop, dance, chillout, world, rap, dub with vocals by blues, jazz, opera, r’n’b, soul, pop singers. (Sometimes all in the same song)

Songs by Shinjuku Zulu: Make Me Shake, We Do Supersonic, Slow is the New Fast, Shanghai Masai, Dirty Liar, That Groove, Yedayed, Be My Woman Be My Man, Kiss the Honey Honey, Scarborough Fair (A True Dub), SXYLV,  Broken

Songs by K.I.A. : Mrs Major Tom, Allejujah, Feel It, Uneunoia

all songs at iTunes worldwide.

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